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  1. Can you Progressives now stop calling us crazy when we tell you that Progressive means socialist? It always has of course, but with a more sinister twist – the Progressive movement had to change its name from the Eugenics movement after the Holocaust made things a little too clear among the general public.

    But then if you’re the typical Progressive you probably don’t know what I just said, so I’m wasting my time on you.

  2. So doomed to die in poverty, while our “betters” live off our forced labor? Seems like that didn’t work out so well for them any of the times they have tried it in the past

  3. When I’m feeling rather pessimistic, I’m inclined to agree with this quote: history is on the side of socialism, because that has been the most common form of government, in one form or another, at least since the agricultural revolution. Unfortunately, it is because of this, that we have had so much human suffering.

    I, for one, will be working my darnedest against history. I would like to see freedom to win, and to win decisively. It is the only way to achieve true progress.

    I, for one, don’t like how Progressives define “progress”. They want to progress towards a society organized as they see fit. We can only achieve true progress by increasing the happiness of every individual–or rather, allow every individual to pursue happiness as they see fit. If that means subsistence farming while living in mud huts, then so be it! Unfortunately, Progressives can’t stand the thought of anyone choosing such a lifestyle, so they require us to live in up-to-code houses, and would rather choose professions for us rather than leave us alone to do farming. And somehow, inexplicably, that’s supposed to make us happy…

  4. Several hours after I wrote my previous comment, I realized that it might sound a little too pessimistic. Do I really think everyone wants to live in mud huts, living off of subsistence farming? No. But if I want to live that way, Progressives are ready to stand in the way. It drives them nuts that I might choose such a lifestyle; it would drive them just as nuts if I chose to live in a good-sized house with a large family and a minivan. Progressives simply just hate it when you decide to choose something different from what they think is best for you, or at least for society.

    I, for one, have seriously wondered about the viability of subsistence farming, using modern techniques with small combines and fertilizer. Having read “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal”, by farmer Joel Saladin, I realize that such a desire will have massive unnecessary obstacles placed before me, by meddling bureaucrats trying to enforce laws passed for “my good”. Hence, the reason “subsistence farming” was on my mind.

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