Decisions, decisions

I have an encounter with TSA this afternoon and am trying to decide which shirt to wear. The finalists have the following written on them [thoughts in brackets]:

  1. Microsoft Gun Club—Point and Click Technology [gentle prod]
  2. Exercise your freedom with rifles and explosives—Boomershoot Staff [sort of in your face about them violating basic human rights and I let them know I have the ability to realize their worst nightmare]
  3. Quality control supervisor—Mustang Ranch [While they are feeling me up I can tell them, “You are doing it wrong and I should know, I’m a professional.”]

What say ye?

Update @13:15 PDT: I had already put on the Boomershoot shirt before I made this post. I was ready to swap it out if the reactions in the comments made a good case for a different one. But it was unanimous for the Boomershoot shirt so I wore it.

I made it through the security theater without a second glance. I even used by Idaho concealed weapons permit when asked for my “government ID”.


11 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I love the Boomershoot shirt. But it could cause you some… uncomfortable delays. If you’re not in a hurry, that would be my vote.

  2. Agreed the Boomershoot one is cool, but I’ll be surprised if you’re not delayed.

  3. no contest, the boomershoot T.
    however that may get you an enhanced screening.
    i think you’d fly right through the check point with a jihads “r” us t-shirt.

    maybe you should ask if you could put on a condom first. gotta be safe.

  4. Funny thing is my interaction with the TSA at SeaTac today. (I started to mention something about being in Seattle, but my entire time there was structured so I wouldn’t have been able to get together.)

    First, I opted out. They have a little laminated card they read you now, like they way they would Mirandize in the old cop shows. The guy feeling me up said, “you have the right to request a private screening if you wish.” I said, “no, I want your shame to be public.” He kinda grinned… but it was a sheepish grin.

    As he was going through, I could tell that he knew where there was some flex in the rules, and who to flex them on. I asked him if he knew the story of the old shoe store fluoroscopes. He didn’t. I clued him in. I said, “that’s why I’m opting out.”

    He said, “we’re not supposed to ask why you are opting out, and it doesn’t matter.” He paused, and then said, “the tell us that they’re harmless…”

    I said, “I just wouldn’t stand too close to it if I were you. The ones who got the most cancer were the shoe salesmen.” He didn’t say anything — he just took a good long look at the machine.

    That’s the way we win, guys. One acorn planted at a time, until we have a forest of oaks.

  5. I flew out of SeaTac today. Had we known we probably could have at least said hi.

    I’m not sure but it appear the backscatter machines were running on two lines with the third just running the old metal detector. I went through the metal detector line without being physically searched.

  6. We need to politely, and legally, make the smurf-blue TSA employees miserable.
    They violate us, we should respond in some fashion. I like good old-fashioned shunning.
    I remember reading about one lunch joint that refused them service, just like their sign said they could. Sweet!

    I told my TSA guy about the 4th amendment and all the letters I sent to end this charade. He was surprised. Now, I did all this in an even tone, but my goal was to instill guilt. If we berate them and make them feel like outcasts, day-in and day-out, they will quit or leave us alone.

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