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Since the Violence Policy Center says:

Civilian semiautomatic assault weapons incorporate all of the functional design features that make assault weapons so deadly. They are arguably more deadly than military versions, because most experts agree that semiautomatic fire is more accurate—and thus more lethal—than automatic fire.

And the Supreme Court says that guns in common use, such as the “assault weapons” demonized by the VPC, are constitutionally protected and cannot be banned then it follows that the VPC cannot have a logical objection to the full legalization of fully automatic firearms. Full autos are “less deadly” than the semi-autos, which are protected, so any substitution of full autos for semi-autos in the marketplace should be embraced by the VPC, right?


4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Interestingly enough – the “military versions” are rarely fired ON full auto – watch the news reports on Afghanistan with front-line troops…

  2. Taking their logic further; your grandpa’s bolt action hunting rifle is even more deadly than your AR, SKS, etc. In addition to being potentially more accurate, it can fire a more powerful cartridge than most semi-autos, and so it should be at least as restricted as any full automatic.

    This is what happens when we give them an inch. The restrictions on full automatics are ridiculous, but many gunners, not understanding how this game is played, accept them. If that first inch is regarded as acceptable, then some form of logic can and will be used to take the mile even though the inch never made any sense.

    In summary; if you’re afraid of being called an extremist, or if you yourself have disdain for what you regard as extremists (in the pro liberty movement) you haven’t the first clue. If you’re proud of being “moderate”, thinking you’re taking the high road and being reasonable, you’re much more valuable to the anti-liberty movement. Either figure it out or go over and campaign for the statists. We can’t afford to have you hanging around “backing us up” because when the going gets tough, you’ll shoot us in the back as we lead the charge. Then you’ll expect to get a medal for it (hello McCain, hello Bush, Romney, et al).

    On that note; I adjusted the factory trigger on my Rem 700 today. Here I’ve had this rifle for a few years and didn’t know it had an adjustable trigger. For shame – I’ve picked apart every other gun I’ve had, divining their inner workings to a tee, but this one. Haven’t fired it with the new adjustments yet, but so far, after some burnishing (you shouldn’t have to do that) it seems to feel about as good as the new Timney that Dan @ UltiMAK just installed on his super dooper deadly evil high-powered sniper rifle that’s way more dangerous than any machinegun. We’ll see. It seems I never really know a trigger until I’ve used it in live fire.

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