Quote of the day—Erica Goldberg

Although some government officials may wish otherwise, protected speech is called “protected” for a reason. The courts will safeguard it at the financial peril of those who violate the Constitution. Parody cannot be criminalized, and those who create parody cannot be treated as criminals.

Erica Goldberg
June 7, 2011
Court Holds Prosecutor Personally Liable for Unconstitutional Search of Student Who Created a Parody Newsletter
[H/T Say Uncle.

Someday we need to leverage this ruling or others like it into legal action against those that violate our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Erica Goldberg

  1. Wasn’t there a guy in PA a few weeks back who was harrassed and threatened (with deadly force, no less) for open carry?

    And how many statements have been made by people in all levels of government referring to OC as a form of “political statement” or “protest?”

    Either a ruling like this, or a “color of law” charge would seem reasonable…

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