Hypocrisy and failure

As the NRA says, the Brady Campaign will say anything at anytime to get what they want:

Yesterday, however, the Brady Campaign spoke with a new enthusiasm for “states [and cities’] rights,” demanding that Congress “Let D.C. residents govern themselves,” while complaining “Every year we see members of Congress interfering with the fundamental American principle of self-government.” This nonsense follows the group’s opposition to limiting state and local power over the right to keep and bear arms through the Supreme Court’s McDonald v. Chicago decision last year.

The Brady Campaign should stop their hypocrisy and phony arguments. The notion that the group believes in the Tenth Amendment is laughable. Everyone knows that the group believes in restricting the right to keep and bear arms any way it can, with federal gun control, state gun control, local gun control, by executive regulation, by court decisions, by lawsuits designed to bankrupt gun manufacturers, and by any other means it can think of. Trying to cast itself as a defender of our country’s federal system, it only discredits itself even more than usual.

Is it that they have crap for brains or do they think everyone else is afflicted?

In other news their YouTube videos viewing statistics are telling:

  • Beau Bridges Presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to Jim & Sarah Brady: Added 1 day ago, 6 views
  • Sarah Brady at the 2011 Brady Center Gala in Washington, DC, Added 2 days ago, 10 views
  • Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Pays Tribute to the Work of Jim and Sarah Brady, Added 3 days ago, 31 views
  • President Clinton remarks on Jim and Sarah Brady, Added 1 week ago, 86 views

Compare that to my video, Planting the Seeds for Gun Owner Rights in India , added 2 days ago with 124 views.

When some third tier, part time gun blogger in the middle of Idaho throws together a crude video of some people going shooting and gets 10 times the attention than a D.C. based organization with the ear of movie stars, the Speaker of the House, and a former U.S. president it’s a sure thing that Paul Helmke isn’t earning his 250K/year salary. They should just fold up shop or break out the Tequila while we maintain a suicide watch.


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  1. Some random vids I tossed up on YouTube and Vimeo have FAR more viewers than Brady vids of the same vintage…with no budget, no blog, and no promotion of any kind other than word of mouth. I *almost* feel bad for the pathetic bastards!

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