Quote of the day—J_Spicoli

I like the republican idea of guns in bars better – a great way to cull the gene pool in my estimation.

June 2, 2011
In answer the the Yahoo question, How did The Brady Campaign successfully block the republican “Guns on Campus” bill in Texas?
[To disambiguate this guys orientation I did looked at a bunch of his other answers. He is a big Obama supporter so I presume he is generally anti-gun.

Regardless of his orientation this guy has crap for brains. There is no justification for advocating the death of innocent people. This is just another example of violence being part of the nature of liberals.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—J_Spicoli

  1. It is important to understand that the left in general is motivated by hatred. Hatred of Mankind translates to hatred of basic human rights. Once that is understood, the quote is no surprise, and is in fact thoroughly predictable.

    The blind assumption of stupidity within the object of one’s hatred is apparent here also. If anything sets Spicoli apart at all it’s his openness, but even that is becoming more commonplace as we’re nudged closer to the abyss.

    It’s customary for me to try looking at ultimate sources and ultimate ends. In that spirit, I see their end goal as to feel both free and vindicated in their ultimate expression of rage. We’ve seen what happens at that stage.

    Here’s where I part significantly from many on the pro liberty side. I don’t see the left’s (the global anti liberty movement) policies as failures at all. It just depends on what you think motivates them.

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