Quote of the day Janelle Barnett

Hi Joe this is Janelle.

I called to let you know we kinda need the tractor.

Janelle Barnett
June 4, 2011
Voice mail from 10:38 AM to me.
[Her husband, Barron, got their pickup stuck while attempting to get to the Taj Mahal to help put on a private Boomershoot party. I tried to pull them out with my Ford Escape but I couldn’t even shake them. I went and got the caterpillar tractor and pulled them out with it. Pictures and video sometime in the next day or three.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day Janelle Barnett

  1. Bummer. Good thing you had a tractor around. I wonder if having a winch would have helped. Are there strong enough trees nearby?

  2. you never “kinda need a tractor” you REALLY need a tractor, or you don’t need a tractor.

    Same with a gun. Right now I don’t need a gun…but if my current situation changes I will REALLY need a gun, so I carry a gun.

    Tractors are good things to have! So are guns.

  3. Lyle,
    A winch would have probably helped, there was a stump a ways up but I didn’t have enough cable to get my come-along and straps there. If it had been the other truck I would have just unspooled the winch and pulled it out since it was about 100ft to the tree. Another 50 feet of chain is going to be added to the tool box in the near future. If not that, 50 feet of steel cable.

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