Begging for free help

This appears to be a little old but it’s still interesting to me that the Brady Campaign is asking people to work for them for free. I guess being on the wrong side of history doesn’t pay very well:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and its sister organization, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, are the nation’s largest, non-partisan, grassroots organizations leading the fight to prevent gun violence. We are devoted to creating an America free from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at work, and in our communities.

Overview of the Communications Department

The Communications Department develops and implements the public education and message strategy for all organizations (Campaign/MMM,Center, VEF) through print, video, audio and television outlets. The Department plans press conferences, writes press releases, op-eds, articles and editorial reports and supervises content and design of the organization’s website ensuring that legislative, outreach, fundraising and message delivery are as effective as possible.

Description of Internship

Graphics and Video interns work with the Communications Director and our Internet Advocacy Department to create and edit videos for the Brady websites and to expand and improve the use of graphics in the design of online and offline materials. Interns are also expected to pitch in on administrative tasks related to research, public affairs, or fundraising. The organization uses Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe design programs such as Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Interns should have the ability to:

1) Conceptualize, shoot, and edit digital videos quickly, sometimes on a daily basis
2) Translate concepts, statistics, and written materials into visual presentations
3) Excellent interpersonal and communication (both verbal and written) skills
4) A strong team orientation
5) High level of initiative.

We are now taking resumes for bachelor or graduate level interns for the Spring 2010 semester.

Also note that they state it is there goal to “creating an America free from gun violence”. This is in despite of the Supreme court rules that people have a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves. So how can the Brady campaign achieve their goal without violating the right to use firearms in self defense? As already admitted by Brady Board Member Joan Peterson any death by gunshot is too many and that she will continue to push for more restrictions on guns until the number goes to 0. Hence, the Brady Campaign is trying to push us down the slippery slope they claim doesn’t exist all the while they are telling their staff and supporters the real goal is zero deaths via gunshots—which is their code phrase for zero guns.


10 thoughts on “Begging for free help

  1. “The Brady Organization is the country’s largest criminal organiz…”

    Wait one…

    “The Brady Organization is, when all’s said and done, as criminal organizations go, a rather petty, picayune and insignificant criminal organization.”

    There! I fixed it.


  2. Would they be viewpoint-neutral in their hiring? Because I might have a bit of free time to assist them with their communications. Goodness knows they need some help. I’d like to start by repudiating about 111% of their previous public statements, videos, presentations and information releases. Then I’d like to present factual information about firearms use and misuse under their imprimatur. Then I’d like to make presentations for them, supporting keeping violent criminals in jail and letting law-abiding citizens enjoy the use of their inherent rights without interference from know-nothing authoritarians like, well, the Brady Bunch.

    Think I have a shot at the job?

  3. Go Mikee!

    Maybe we should flood them with applications from pro-gunners!

    After all, we just want to accurately convey the truths of gun control (ie. genocide)…isn’t that just common sense?

    My Curriculum Vitae is updated and I have read the U.S. Constitution, so I have a leg up on most intern applicants.

    Should I compete with Mikee for this coveted employment slot?

  4. I have a brother with all the qualifications…except he’s pretty pro-freedom himself. OTOH, he has an outrageous sense of humor…might be right up his alley.

  5. “Edit digital videos quickly”? I think the intern’s primary job will be photoshopping audiences into the videos of their press conferences.

  6. They missed a requirement.

    6. The ability to lie and distort the truth.

    There, now it’s complete.

  7. Tee Hee: “non-partisan, grassroots organization.” As if George Soros and the Joyce Foundation are grass roots. I guess I didn’t know astroturf had roots……

  8. “the nation’s largest, non-partisan, grassroots organizations leading the fight to prevent gun violence” is the United States Armed Forces.

  9. I really like the Brady Campaign’s goal to eliminate gun violence! Because, you know, 30,000 people dying every year by guns in a country of 300,000,000 people is HUGE. It’s 0.01% of the population! And it’s not as though a large percentage of those are the result of an individual with the determination to commit suicide, or the result of an individual with a determination to commit murder. It’s not as if there are other methods, just as lethal as these, but are next to useless for self defense. (No one would ever use rope, for example, to commit suicide, or to murder someone.)

    Imagine what would happen if we rounded those 0.01% of the population that represents gun deaths to the nearest integer! We’d have…oh, wait. It would be 0%, wouldn’t it? Thus, statistically, no one is dying from gun violence…I’d say it’s about time that the Brady Campaign declare “Mission Accomplished”, and move on to their next concern!

  10. We can put their mission into perspective this way too; “I won’t quit until there is zero alcohol use, and zero recreational drug use…”

    I find it impossible to respect anyone who’s advertized goal has as much chance of being realized as you have of riding your bicycle to the moon.

    Here’s an idea for them. How about they announce that they’re now going to start working toward zero crime, by promoting extra layers of laws against crime? That would a) be more respectable than focusing purely on guns in that it would be acknowledging the fact that there are infinite ways to harm people that don’t involve guns, and b) just as blitheringly insane as what they’re doing now. It would therefore be a step up for them.

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