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Registration allows guns which are used in crimes to be tracked to help law enforcement to learn where they came from, and to target that source. The only reason to oppose such a measure is to allow the trade in illegal guns to continue, and to allow people to be killed by them.

May 27, 2011
I’ve said it many times: as a start, register every gun; license every gun owner.
[The “only reason to oppose such a measure”? That bald guy is severally lacking in imagination. I think one only needs a single counter example when dozens are possible. But even that is the wrong approach. The correct approach to demand such dimwits demonstrate the effectiveness of such a proposal when there are so many examples of their failure. Unless, of course, they are measuring effectiveness in a far different manner than sane people.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—baldguy

  1. yep double whammy. Has NEVER achieved what they claim which is stopping crime, or even SOLVING crime. In tough financial times its really stupid to waste money on a program that has never worked, nor will ever work.

    And of course there’s the registration leads to confiscation angle which has been demonstrated so many times.

    They are ONLY about banning guns, they just think we don’t know that.

  2. Note too that this particular “gun control” supporter wants to “target that source” of firearms, not necessarily the person who was actually holding the firearm in question while perpetrating the crime in question.

    In other words, he wants to target firearm manufacturers who had absolutely nothing to do with the crime, he wants to criminalize victims who had their property stolen from them, and he wants to attack those who engage in consenting commerce between adult American citizens.

    In short, he is pretty scummy.

  3. “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”
    – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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