Today We Mark The End of The World…

…of end-of-the-world cults.  Yes I know– wishful thinking.  End-of-the-world cults are as old as history, and they’ll just keep right on coming and going, no matter how many times they’re proven wrong (much like socialism and jihad).  Eventually of course the world will end.  All Things Must Pass.  Then one of these cults will probably be proven right after all.  That’ll show us.

This should be a course of study in high school – “Introduction to End of The World Cults.”  Students could get involved by forming into groups within the class and starting their own end of the world models and doctrines.  I’m trying not to be too flippant because this is a very serious subject.

Religious and political leaders, or leader wannabes, and most hippies, find that people desperately want to believe in something that makes them extra special.  It is easy to convince people that they are part of a special group.  A group that has super duper important information, and that the rest of us will rue the day if we don’t take heed of it and recognize that group as The One, and so on.  It’s usually all about power.  Raw power and nothing else.  Algore and the Global Cooling, I mean Warming Now/Global Cooling Now/Oh What the Hell; Climate change cult is one of thousands of examples.  Most churches practice some variant of it also, and it always works on someone.  No matter what.  Since people can’t bear the thought that they’ve been duped to such a deep level– that they’ve been so, so very foolish.  They’ll do anything to explain it away somehow, to avoid the profound sense of embarrassment and shame.

That’s when the bullied become the bullies.  The cycle repeats.

I know, I know.  Trust me.  I’ve felt The Spirit too, I know exactly what you cultists are going through.  I was young and impressionable.  I deeply wanted to believe in something that would relieve me of my doubts, confusion, self-loathing or whatever it was.  And then there was that need to “fit in”.  That’s when they get you.  It’s a form of hypnotism, and it works on you because you want it.

It’s never going away, but you don’t have to participate in it.  When you let go of that garbage– that baggage people have used to control you, and live a life guided by principles, none of it can touch you.


5 thoughts on “Today We Mark The End of The World…

  1. Hey Lyle,

    This is the best post that I’ve read on the internet in a while.

  2. Last night, at Divine Services, the pastor said he felt sorry for that guy and those who believed his nonsense. He said that the last time that guy predicted the end of the world, and it didn’t happen, a person who believed him committed suicide. So he has that person’s death on his conscience, if he has a conscience.

    As any Christian who is worthy of the name will tell you, there is absolutely no tellin’ when the Second Coming, the End of the World, etc., will occur. “He will come like a thief in the night.”

  3. Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32, Acts 1:7

    Funny that it needs to be repeated over and over in there operators manual, yet they figure they know better…

  4. “This should be a course of study in high school.”

    No it shouldn’t–there should be no high schools. (This message is brought to you by the Home Schooling is the Key to Liberty Cult, the letter pi, and the number tau.)

    (And, yes, I belong to this particular cult…as well as the Cult of Tau.)

  5. @Justthisguy; I’ve always regarded such groups, generally, as death cults, ultimately all socialist/communist/Progressive organizations and most churches included. They are anti-liberty and therefore anti-human.

    @Alpheus; Point taken. I’ll qualify my statement. High schools, by any other name or form, would still exist, presumably, without any coercive interference in education. Just as some cook at home more than they eat out, so too would some people home school more than they utilize the more commercial, or otherwise organized, learning establishments. There would naturally be many different forms and flavors of learning, or as my son is wont to say, different “paths to understanding” (he is quick to point out the differences between learning and understanding). I maintain that without coercion involved, much of what we would regard as organized education would involve teachers that work on a voluntary basis. I say that because those of the highest accomplishment are those with the most enthusiasm, and those with the most enthusiasm are those who’ll do it just for fun.

    Maybe it’s a subject for another post, but I maintain that all the best things about life arise out of enthusiasm, while the left, of course, see’s it as its job to kill enthusiasm where ever it’s found, and to prove that coercion is how things get done properly (it’s from the hate that was put into them in their formative years as indicated in the OP). And so we come around again to doomsday, or death cults. It’s that evil monkey in Chris Griffin’s closet.

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