Live blogging from the Boomershoot site

I’m doing some maintenance at the Boomershoot site. Lots of little things:

  • The oil in the generator needs to be changed (it’s warming up and charging the battery right now all charged!)
  • The O/S in my Wi-Fi access points needs to be updated (one done the other in progress)
  • The yellow jacket trap needed the bait replaced (done)
  • There is still garbage which needs to be hauled away
  • The bowling pin rack was hauled back to the shed (cousin Alan brought it down off of his hill—whoops! I was going to do that two weeks ago and didn’t make it out here)

Need to do some chronograph work and practice for the steel challenge match tomorrow while I’m out here too. And that reminds me that I need to pay a special someone for all the steel targets they brought to me at Boomershoot.