Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

The licensing debate is not about the right to own a firearm; it’s about responsible gun ownership, about safety, and about law enforcement’s ability to revoke the license of someone who becomes a danger to themselves or others. Additionally, a licensing system will ensure that gunowners understand their own states’ laws, from the regulations governing the carrying of concealed weapons to the responsibility for keeping loaded guns away from children.

Sarah Brady
Brady Campaign
January 28, 2000
[If a licensing scheme would “ensure that gunowners understand their own states’ laws” and presumably “preventing gun violence” then perhaps the government could license recreational drug (including cigarettes and alcohol) users and “revoke the licenses of someone who becomes a danger to themselves or others”. Or maybe licensing homosexuals, Catholic priests, and/or Muslims. Never mind that the right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right and (probably) cannot be subject to a license while recreational drug use is not a specifically enumerated right.

Once the concept of licensing drug users proves its worth then we can talk about how effective licensing might be when applied to firearms. Don’t forget to do the arithmetic before you bring the topic up with me.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

  1. They’re forever trying to appear oh so reasonable, sensible, compassionate and pragmatic. While advocating coercion.

    But that’s always how it works, isn’t it?
    “Come on, Missy. Hop into my van and put these handcuffs on. We’ll have a great time. Honest. See; I’m harmless– I wearing this arm cast. Why, I couldn’t hurt a flea!”

  2. I wonder if Sarah was consciously aware of how much her words sounded like the words of poeple before her supporting another “registration” scheme – after all, it is only for the safety of everyone, and the good of everyone, and to make sure everyone is aware of the laws, and…

  3. Maybe we could license cars and car owners to make sure they know their states car laws and so the state can revoke driving privileges of those car owners who they deem unsafe and or reckless. That’s worked out well hasn’t it?

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