My headache was cured this morning

If you follow my Tweets you will have already gotten a few hints.

  • 11-30 AM May 18th Is insanity contagious? I think I might be infected by contact with someone at work. May I take another sick day now? Please?
  • 11-39 AM May 18th I have a headache now. I almost never get headaches. Is there a pain reliever you can get OTC for reducing pain in the ass people?
  • 11-42 AM May 18th My coworker will be buying a months supply of such medicine too. Maybe we can get a discount on a bulk buy.
  • 11-46 AM May 18th Someday I will blog about this person. Other people need to be warned.
  • 10-19 AM May 19th Woot! I just got a great offer from another company. I can tell my crappy boss goodbye!

I have been told, in a very firm tone, by two different friends that I shouldn’t blog about this person by name. So, at least for now, I will hold off. But lets just say my mood has greatly improved in the last 24 hours and Barb will probably stop telling me I should take anti-depressants.

Former co-worker Chet also left Microsoft because of this guy. This morning, after I told people I was leaving, someone who also has had to deal with him came to me and said, “He is crazy! He has to be insane.” I think it is a case of Peterson Syndrome (a generic case which is probably unrelated to guns). Imagine having to deal with someone like that on a daily basis. Now imagine them writing your performance review. Yeah. I have been having nightmares for months now.

There are some things about working for Microsoft that are very good. There are other things that are very broken. Two more people, who don’t work with my boss, told me today they are looking for an exit for similar reasons to mine. Microsoft has some very serious flaws that are not being addressed by management.

My offer from another company includes a raise larger than all the raises I have gotten in working at MS for five years and a stock grant (vested over three years) that made me light-headed and made Barb squee.

I have another interview on Monday so I haven’t accepted the offer yet and I keep hoping I will get an interview at Barron’s place of work which is a few minutes from my home in Idaho instead of the Seattle area like the others I have been looking at. But the job applications there are moving way to slow for me to wait around much more. I need to get out before I just pull the covers over my head and never get out of bed.

You may notice an uptick in blog post frequency… we’ll see.


7 thoughts on “My headache was cured this morning

  1. Good luck. Going through this same thing with the girlfriend right now, and its a huge PITA

  2. Take the job offer, wait until after you complete your probabtion period, and THEN tell us all about the guy; revenge, a cold dish, etc.

  3. I have friends at Microsoft. You are right, there are some seriously, malignant, management problems there. Getting out ASAP is a good move even without the uptick in compensation.

  4. I left the Lazy M because of two toxic managers. No matter what I did, it was wrong – even though I was performing at a much higher performance level than most in the group. My product team was happy, I was meeting my review goals, etc.

    One day a former boss/colleague called me up to chat. I told him he really needed to hire me. Two weeks later I was working as a geologist again, and enjoying life once more.

    Not only does Microsoft seem to insist on making crappy products, they insist on treating their people like crap as well.

  5. Bill G. and the original crew might have been right strange and weird, but once they started making lots of money they attracted the usual parasites, that is, Managers.

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