Wrong answer

The answer given is close but I think whatever college major people who end up as gun control activists would be far better.


6 thoughts on “Wrong answer

  1. Business majors, hands down.

    I have found that anyone in the hard sciences and in a professional degree program (read * engineering) were quite active in the shooting sports. Very few were “anti” and they eventually fell from the grace and went for an MBA.

    At the WSU 2nd Amendment Gun club, of those who attended regularly 95% were engineering majors. I think it has to do with the fact engineers live in reality, not a theoretical bubble.


  2. Accountants, climatologists, political science majors, communications majors, (fill in your favorite victim group) studies majors…

    The most valuable wouldn’t be college students at all, methinks, but your typical farmer with the full spectrum of knowledge and skills that implies. ‘Course if you have an experienced farmer with an advanced engineering degree, so much the better.

  3. Education majors. In fact, anyone with a Education doctorate is not worth the food to keep them alive.

  4. Dont forget the liberal arts majors. In my experience they are the first to scream “BUT WE HAVE TO DOOO SOMETHINNNNGGGGG!” (insert whiney nasaly voice here) With the definition of “WE” being the Feds.

  5. I would think that any (minority, ethnic or sexual orientation)-studies majors would be at the top of the list. Although all liberal arts and business majors would be pretty close to the top.

    I took an MIT campus tour several years ago as a high school senior. One thing I remember the tour guide saying is that the university had one of the top shooting teams in the country.

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