Quote of the day—Maksim Khrapov

In the country where I grew up only the KGB had the guns.

Maksim Khrapov
[If you think you want to live in a place where only the police and military possess firearms you should first talk to various people who have lived under such conditions before attempting to force your beliefs upon an entire nation. Those that have lived in those countries and talked to such people may be less accepting of and more vigorous in their opposition to your plan than you anticipate.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Maksim Khrapov

  1. Though I had never traveled to the USSR nor really studied the subject, I can tell you that Maksim is wrong that only the KGB had guns. The criminals had them too.

  2. Actually just discussed something similar with my Hungarian coworker, the Proles went without firearms or were usually on the wrong end of a firearm. He pretty much stated the same and the criminals had them too. Too bad, the AMD-63 is a pretty neat AK.

  3. Hmm. Well we do have compulsory education here. That would be grounds for sending gun control advocates to Cuba or North Korea, etc. For an education.

    Better yet of course would be to acknowledge and protect fundamental rights, but I understand that that’s been off the table for some time.

  4. You guys are correct. It would have been more accurate for Maksim to have said, “…only the KGB and the military legally had guns.” But that increase in verbosity decreases the impact of his point.

  5. I wasn’t criticizing his statement; I was just being a smart-ass. Though, I do believe that by adding criminals his statement would have even more impact.

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