Rational thought isn’t their strong point

As Dave Hardy points out the Brady Campaign cannot be truthful and yet simultaneously claim they do not wish to make firearm ownership difficult just for the sake of making it difficult and claim it is good news there are reports that firearms ownership is declining. Their pleasure at the claims of lower firearms ownership must be interpreted as reduced ownership rates as a desirable goal. If they desire that goal then all their actions must be viewed as something they consider might further that goal.

I find their views on reports of reduced gun ownership rates like someone cheering a reduction in the number of people who vote, write letters to the editor, or people voluntarily becoming slaves.


2 thoughts on “Rational thought isn’t their strong point

  1. Joe, you know as well as I do that the mantra of The Other Side is that there are “too many guns.” It is their single article of faith. They can’t disarm the criminals, so all that’s left is to disarm the victims – and they’ll do that any way they can. Thus “lower firearms ownership” is the goal – it has to be. It’s all they’ve got.

  2. But a reduction in the number of people voluntarily becoming slaves is the equivalent of a reduction in the number of people voting Democrat, and that is indeed a good thing.

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