2 thoughts on “Sleep is good

  1. What a phenomenal weekend! Thanks for being willing to do it Joe it was great right down to the weather (we’ll blame ceasefire for Fridays snow 🙂 -Boyd

  2. The first night back in my bed… all I heard in my head when I closed my eyes was:

    “HOOOOONK…cease fire!…” mixers whirling.. “Joe, you got a copy?” BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, “Caleb, do you have the rubber bands?” “HONK…cease fire!” (echoed cease fire goes down the line) mixers whirling… Boom, Boom, BOOM, “Need more AN!” “AN coming!” .. BOOM, BOOM, “Joe, you got a copy?” “Need more EG!” HONK….


    Second night was much better.

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