Quote of the day—Michael Ignatieff

No one can be serious about public safety unless they are serious about gun control. That’s an essential element in any balanced approach to public safety, which is a concern to people in the Lower Mainland and Canadians from coast to coast.

Michael Ignatieff
Canadian Liberal leader
April 26, 2011
[Interesting that he says that it’s an “essential element.” And the evidence for that is where? He might as well be saying “ni**er/Jew/Muslim/homosexual control is an essential element of  public safety”. I’m nearly certain it would be easier to find data to support my version than his. Yet even if the evidence supported such claims the answer in any case must be not only, “No,” but “Hell no!”—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Ignatieff

  1. I am serious about gun control, serious about opposing it, does that count?

  2. He’s quite right. No one can be considered serious about public safety unless he’s serious about dealing with the threat that gun control poses to public safety.

  3. Not to be picking the nit, but these days controlling muzzies might actually be something to consider in regards to public safety, heh.

  4. I will ignore the content of his speech but will comment on the form. First he states an absolute without any evidence of its truth. Then he reiterates it, expanding its application to everyone in Canada and the US.

    Absolute power may corrupt absolutely, but absolute statements of this sort just make me wonder at how little the speaker knows about the world of which he speaks.

  5. Gun control is “an essential element in any balanced approach to public safety” in much the same way that arsenic is an essential element in any balanced approach to nutrition.

  6. Michael Ignatieff represents everything that Liberals love: He’s over-educated, opinionated, and never, ever wrong.

    Just ask him. He’ll tell you.

    He’s also about to lead his party into 3rd place in a Canadian General Election, something unique in the history of the LIberal Party.

    The Liberals consider themselves to be the de facto ruling party of Canada: They believe they should be in charge, and they have been in charge for most of Canada’s history. Arrogant condescension and dismissal of individual freedom comes as natural to him as it does to America’s current President.

    He just happens to be a bit more open about it than Obama is.

  7. The reason Iggy is doing so poorly in the polls is that he is perceived as being too American. LOL but true!

  8. Well the Conservative party won, Iggy called it quits.

    The Harper .gov have a “next 100 days” plan, including scrapping the long gun registry, I doubt they would scrap the pistol registry though.

    Also if anyone remembers what I posted before on this, the long gun registry almost did pass when the Conservatives were not a majority, stay tuned folks.

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