And so it begins

After going to sleep about 11:30 last night I woke up about 4:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Last night I told son-in-law Caleb that we should leave by 7:00 AM so I have a little time to blog before loading the last of my stuff in my 4×4 and heading out to the Boomershoot site. I will probably continue to lack sleep until Sunday night when I will also have very sore muscles and have lost eight to ten pounds (I checked in a 202.8 pounds last night before going to bed). And friends and co-workers keep telling me, “Have fun at Boomershoot!” It’s not “fun” for me. “Rewarding” is a better word.

Four of my staff from out of state have checked in and will be ready to start preparing the site for the shooters shortly after I arrive. Others will arrive at various times throughout the day. My biggest task is delegating and communicating what I want done. It helps that I have staff that have done this for several years and don’t need much direction. But still, just keeping the tasks queued up is sometimes challenging because I want to do something just a little bit different than previously and I need to explain it or they need materials I haven’t got delivered to the proper location yet.

The site got more rain last night than I expected but the forecast is looking pretty good. It will be wet and messy out there for a few hours and perhaps all day today. The winds will be up to 15 MPH today too. That will help dry out the ground but it will be cold with the temperature never getting about 43F.


6 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Yeah, sure. You’re the Boss Man. We know that all you do is sit behind a big expensive desk smoking Cuban cigars, drinking super expensive whiskey and dictating letters that no one will read to your hot, scantily-clad secretary. When the event is over you rake in the cash and spend the rest of the year pushing it around in your cash silo with a bulldozer, with a big evil grin on your face. Meanwhile, your suffering employees do all the work while you bark cruel orders at them, threaten them, and cut their salaries just for your own sick pleasure. We’re on to you, Man! Rewarding indeed.

    I’m looking forward to it. We were out shooting today in a snowstorm in the North Idaho Mountains. Now I have to go home and dry out my guns. I tried my Millennium Chrono with the IR LED screens for the first time today. Awesome. Dan got in a case of ammo for his Mosin, with which he hit a gallon jug today at over 300 yards using iron sights. Your evil plan is working it’s way through the population, even for those with sub 100 dollar rifles.

  2. Hey! Looking fwd to this year, after the last miss.

    Is it muddy enough to warrant muck boots? I’m bringing mine anyway, I think.

    Hoping to make progress on shooting a half dollar at the top of the hill. I’m as close to it as I’ve ever been, but it’s going to depend on the wind, and Caesar’s calls. Yeah, not on me at all.

  3. I don’t suppose there’s a live feed set up for the NRA Convention floor?

    That’d be cool to see on the jumbotron in Pittsburgh, if the timezones could work out.

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