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Mr. Huffman is what many liberals would charitably call a Right-wing-militia nut. He is sufficiently infamous that a certain member of this community has linked to news articles about him and others as proof of a nascent right-wing terrorist movement.

April 26, 2011
Democracy vs Totalitarianism: Hiding Godwin in the closet.
[There are more howlers in the comments. I’ll post another tomorrow.—Joe]


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  1. When you get a comment like; “A derpa doo, de herp de derpa derp. Do be doobee do herp a derp; a herp derp do do de de herp” you know you’ve touched a nerve. This is what I call the Charles Manson Response – if the situation is far over your head, just act insane and freak out your opponent.

    It’s interesting to see the comments from people who obviously have never thought of this, much less discussed it with anyone, and yet have very strong opinions.

  2. I don’t think Mr. Huffman is capable, much less trustworthy, of “protecting innocent life”.

    You’re not going to randomly shoot all of us this weekend right? I mean these people are all obviously so intelligent and have never met you, but they couldn’t possibly be wrong right?

    I stopped reading when people were stating that small arms would do absolutely nothing to stop a tyrannical government given they have the military. I guess those Jews in the ghetto just got ran over by tanks… oh they killed enough soldiers they instead had to burn the place to the ground, and they only started with 10 pistols, history proves otherwise.

    I’d rather die fighting and free, than groveling for my life as a slave.

  3. Well, I’m a liberal and I don’t think Joe is a “Right-wing-militia nut.” I think he’s a “things that go boom” enthusiast who tends towards Libertarian/Liberal thought.

  4. @ubu52, But you are willing to at least consider the facts and act on them. I’m not convinced you have reached your full potential yet but I have pretty high hopes for you. Not everyone is so willing or able.

  5. Yup, you’re a thoroughly dangerous man! And that’s why I’m glad you’re on OUR side! 😉 See you at GBR VI this year?

  6. I think your blog has passed the “fools will comment on other blogs that post your content” test.

  7. Heh. You’re pretty philosemitic for a “right-wing terrorist nut.” M’self, I think you are just an idiosyncratic smart guy who altered his life course as a result of following a chain of logic. C. S. Lewis said that that is considered weird and strange these days, unlike in the past when more thinking was done on a higher and more serious level, at least by some people. I hate popular culture, at least the way it’s done these days.

  8. It seems I’ve been busted.

    I am “sandwichwarrior”, I started poking around after another member of the TP forum posted a link to here and several other Libertarian leaning blogs (Sipsey Street Irregulars, and Walls of the City) siting them as proof of rightwing violence. I wasn’t convinced, and have been a regular reader/lurker since.

    For the reasons stated in my post, your Jews in the Attic test struck a nerve with me and seeing as this month’s topic was “Democracy vs. Totalitarianism” I decided to go trolling for lefties. 😉

  9. I confess to being curious – what on my site (walls of the city) was cited as “proof of rightwing violence”?

  10. As I recall, it was a comment to the effect of “If it’s a fight they want its a fight they’ll get” in referance to Generational Warfare and Social Security.

    Paft is one of the shriller leftist voices on the forum and she took that, along with some similarly flavored rhetoric here and on Sipsey Street, as proof that III%ers/Tea-Party activists were going to go door to door murdering old people. My referal to Joe as a “Right-wing terrorist” was a tongue-in-cheek jab at Paft more than anything else.

    Seeing as the majority if regular contributers on Talk_Politics are either Left-wing or European(I repeat myself) I felt that it was only proper to tweek some noses and strike a blow for the pro-rights side.

  11. Ah, yeah, that would have been the comment I was pointing out in that post…

    Thanks for the explanation! I never really know what will set radicals off, and clarification helps with that determination. ‘Course, I will probably use that information as you have – to further tweak their “sensibilities”.

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