Overheard on the phone

Joe (calling the local auto repair shop): Hello, my name is Joe Huffman, I have a 2004 Chevy Aveo that…
Repair guy interrupts: Hi Joe! How was Boomershoot this year?
[discussion of Boomershoot]
Repair guy: Someone was pushing Boomershoot at the last Tea Party meeting we had in town.

I think I might have met him four or five years ago. Daughter Kim takes the car in more frequently than I do and gets similar questions about Boomershoot.

It’s a small town.


2 thoughts on “Overheard on the phone

  1. Remember last year when I brought in the van to fix the window I knocked off? The guy thought the van looked like the “Boomershoot van” and recognized your name.

  2. From the sounds of things, you’re becoming a bit of a local celebrity, Joe! Having seen your posts about “I wonder what person X thinks about a bald guy buying Y (or large amounts of Z)–and how they would react if I told them I’m making explosives” posts, I look forward to the day someone says “Hey, you’re buying this so you can blow things up! I could see the evil terrorist gleam in your eyes. Here, let me give you a 10% discount.”

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