Rubber bands are the key

I’ve decided rubber bands are the magic ingredient that made it possible for successful Boomershoot events. Each year we use many hundreds of them. This year I thought our usage would decrease and perhaps nearly disappear by 2012. But this morning I realized they might come to the rescue yet again in the way we attach targets to the “clothes lines” (“Boomer Line”?).

Here is a “clothes line” (from Saturday):


And here is close up of a target:


We are attaching the target with a plastic bag tied around the parachute cord which is suspended between steel fence posts. This knot is hard to tie quickly and puts the target closer to the paracord than I’m comfortable with. It worked last year but it still worries me that a shooter will clip the line or the explosion will damage the line.

I think we can use rubber bands to fasten the plastic bag to the line. The key is finding the correct knot and implementing it correctly such that the target maintains it’s orientation correctly. I think I have figured out the knot. I’ll test my hypothesis with the knots on Thursday.

This means I have to buy more rubber bands now. [shrug] Rubber bands are cheap.

I just wish they sold rubber bands by quantity rather than by the pound. It makes purchasing the correct number more difficult.


2 thoughts on “Rubber bands are the key

  1. A few years ago, I needed a lot of rubber bands. The Major Chain Nationwide Office Stores (Max, Depot, Staples) usually sell them in bags of a 100, but they tend to be kinda hidden, so it might take a few minutes of searching. Hope this helps. Good Luck with the Shoot!

  2. That’s what we use for the ballons, of course the balloons are shaped the same from any direction!!

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