Quote of the day—Ry Jones

I’ve been cleared hot to spend some money for the enjoyment of Boomershoot attendees; in one case, you’ll see something this year: a different fireball! I’ll probably spend a couple hundred or so making this year’s fireball much more interesting. The smart money will be on standing back; I’m either going to fail spectacularly (spectators set alight, tents engulfed in flames), fail miserably (spend a bunch of money and have another sucky fireball), or succeed spectacularly (spectators almost set alight, tents almost engulfed in flames).

Ry Jones
April 24, 2011
In which money is turned into smoke, dust, blood
[The smart money is to tell Ry to keep the fireball further from the shooting line. I’m thinking maybe 30+ yards this time. The 2007 “flaming sticks falling from the sky” event was at 18 yards.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ry Jones

  1. I thought the hailstorm of flaming sticks was a nice touch. As long as I’m not wearing large pieces of the fireball assembly inside my body for the rest of my life I think I’m good with it. Small, relatively non toxic and non radioactive pieces are possibly acceptable. I’m already wearing some graphite and some pieces of wood, and they’re perfectly fine.

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