Boomershoot prep

Yesterday Ry, his daughter Arden, my son-in-law Caleb, and I went out to the Boomershoot site. We did tests of a new target type invented and built by Ry. It was a little disappointing. I’ll put video up someday. I’m just too tired right now.

Most importantly though is that Caleb put in nearly 500 stakes at the tree line for targets. I put in the fence posts to create “clothes lines” to support more targets in the air above (sort of, they are offset some) the ground targets. This will give us space for about 1000 targets at the tree line. The tree line is about 375 yards from the shooting line and these targets always go fast and are completely consumed. By utilizing the vertical dimension we can put more targets in front of the same linear foot of berm (backstop) space.

I also worked on getting the extra Wi-Fi access point on the shooting line working. I was not successful and in fact just before I left I managed to get the configuration set such that I couldn’t access the network via Wi-Fi.

Today I went back out and finally got the Wi-Fi working. With the three access points I can now get on the net with my cell phone (my laptop had pretty good access already) from the tree line to the shooting line to the Taj. There are very few points on the normally traveled areas of that 40 acres that I can’t get access.

I also put up some fences posts for aerial targets on the hillside. I put them at the bottom of the hill probably closer than we have ever had hillside targets before. By suspending them we get the bullets hitting more into the hillside behind the target rather than bouncing off the ground with a shallow angle of attack on that range.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot prep

  1. I thought Rys ideah was cool.
    Imagine a genuine Texas Star…and we put boomers in front of the steel plates. Bullet goes through target, knocks off plate, Texas Star starts doing its thing..
    Think it would work? Or do you think when one boomer is detonated that it will knock down the other plates? I’ve fired at them with pistols but have never checked out the mechanics so I don’t know what it would stand up to.

  2. Caleb,
    the Texas star would be destroyed. We need a well-balanced center wheel and quick-attach spokes, which is pretty far from what I built.

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