6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Olivia Booth

  1. Yeah guess I’m ‘stuck on idjit’ only managed 3 years of college, ended up with a useless Diploma in Industrial Electronics and Process Control and some how it must have been total dumb luck to end up working for a very successful engineering firm… just dumb luck I tell ya!

    Where do they come up with this stuff?

    PS – Definition of ‘idjit’: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=idjit

  2. I notice that she lists, among many other activities and interests, Organic Consumers Association. Judging from her photo, however, she really needs to focus on organic vegetables, and cool it on the free-range lard.

  3. I’m always fascinated how people who claim gunowners are so dangerously unstable feel so free to insult them. There’s a disconnect there somewhere.

  4. There is no disconnect. They are full of shit and they know it. If we were the murderous whack jobs they frequently claim we are, they would already be in ditches covered with gasoline.

  5. Dave, I’m intrigued by this “ditches covered with gasoline” thing. Wouldn’t the gasoline soak into the dirt? Why would you use enough gasoline to actually cover somebody? The point of a ditch is to be able to push the dirt back in when you’re done.

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