Quote of the day—Kevin Lelonek

When we practice the privileges granted to us by our governing documents, in this case, the Bill of Rights and bearing arms, we enter into an implicit agreement with the Union to recognize and act according to the State’s rules and regulations for the use and ownership of arms. And as we agree to those rules, so does the government agree to act responsibly on behalf of our collective well-being.

In this manner, our relationship with our nation mirrors our relationship with our parents; both our parents and our nation raise us; both provide for our welfare; both teach us values and ethics; both act on our behalf for our well-being. And thus should we regard our nation; as a parental figure to be a moral example, an ideal to respect and to obey. For, if the dynamics of our relationship with our parents are mirrored functionally by the dynamics of our relationship with our country, so too should the convictions and loyalties that characterize the former persist in the latter.

Kevin Lelonek
April 12, 2011
Taking a shot at gun control
[Overall the opinion piece is benign toward the 2nd Amendment but Lelonek doesn’t even begin to get the concept of liberty.

The Bill of Rights doesn’t grant privileges. It guarantees rights. The only granting is that of certain enumerated powers to the government. The government is not a parent. The government is not an ideal. It is a necessary evil. The government is not to be obeyed by the people. The government must obey the people. The people must respect the laws which fall within the enumerated powers of the government.

Remember what Dwight Eisenhower and George Washington said about government.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Lelonek

  1. Kevin Lelonek’s words are straight out of the Soviet Union or North Korea.

    “…we regard our nation; as a parental figure to be a moral example, an ideal to respect and to obey.”

    Wow. Marx would be very proud of this loyal student of his.

    I just remembered I left my Glock out in the pickup. Better go get it now.

    So if government, which accomplishes what it accomplishes through force and threats, is to be our moral example and ideal, then force backed by threats is the ideal operating system for daily activities in society.

    I also just now recall that I shot up several boxes of hollowpoints the other day, so I have to find some more. .400″ FMJ FPs at around 1300 should be pretty effective, but the HPs deliver more energy where it’s most needed. Hornady has a deal going right now wherein they give you 500 premium bullets when you buy a progressive loading press. That’s looking pretty good at the moment.

  2. Since this came from a College newspaper, I recommend, Mr. Lelonek, that the next time you wish to write about Constitutional Matters, that you first spend some time in your College Library, Reading and Studying the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. It would serve you much better than hanging out with your local Campus Marxist Buddies over a couple of cups of Latte.

  3. Les; They’ve read that stuff. They just say it’s outdated and written by old, dead, white, paternalistic slave owner extremists. We’ve come far beyond such silly, tired notions as your stupid “individual liberty”. That’s just another name for greed. We have to look beyond the Founding so we can Get Things Done, don’t you know.

    Hells bells; they cried out for a Strong Man in Europe in the 1930s, and they got exactly what they asked for. We’re repeating an old story.

    With the abandonment of principles, Post Modernism’s “there is no reality” means it’s all up for grabs, and at this point the most pathological, clever and agressive grabber gets the goods. Don’t be too distracted by the grabber’s assertions. He’s going to find a way to rob you and put you in your place regardless. If he can convince you to go along peacfully, so much the better, but he’ll kill you in a heartbeat if that’s what it takes, and that has the added benefit of making one less mouth to feed.

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