8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—A liberal

  1. Sorry, I can’t help thinking that the video should have ended with the guy attacking the woman, tearing off her clothes and doing to her what she wants done to the rest of us… jist sayin’

  2. Actually, emdfl, I would prefer to switch the genders. Then, at the end, the anti-gun man, frustrated at having been made to look like a fool, would strike out at her, and she would shoot him dead. Pan down to the blood bubbling out of his mouth, while she says, “Didn’t your mommy ever teach you not to hit girls, corpse-boy?”

  3. Excellent, but not Funny. Way too many “Liberals” would have no problem with you and I being killed to support their cause. Just look at the news clips of what the Left is screaming lately at places like the Wisconsin State House. Know Thy Enemy.

  4. That’s OK. If one of them tries their crap with me, I’ll be putting a few points on the board for the Good Side.

  5. It’s funny because it has sudden and sometimes surprising elements of truth but without the real immediate threat of injury or death.

  6. I dang near spit out my soda when the guy said, “So when do I get to hear the good ones(ideas).”

    Overall I could see how it would be funny, but for the most part I found it depressing since it was all to representative of the arguments we have in reality. Most of the gun grabbers would see that and not understand the irony being displayed.

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