It’s about time

The wolves have been devastating both private livestock and wildlife in Idaho for many years now. At the local level people have been taking things into their own hands for quite some time with the consent of the local law enforcement. We now have support at the state and national level to deal with the problem:

Gov. Butch Otter signed a bill that declares a disaster emergency due to the number of wolves in the state — even though he disputes that the Legislature should have the authority to declare such an emergency.

“The uncontrolled proliferation of imported wolves on private land has produced a clear and present danger to humans, their pets and livestock, and has altered and hindered historical uses of private and public land, dramatically inhibiting previously safe activities such as walking, picnicking, biking, berry picking, hunting and fishing,” the bill says. “…it is the intent of the legislature to regulate the presence of Canadian gray wolves in Idaho in order to safeguard the public, wildlife, economy and private property against additional devastation.”

Thanks must also be given to the NRA as well for all the effort they put into protecting our families, our livestock and the wildlife of Idaho.


3 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. We were distributing a petition last week at a teaparty rally in Moscow, to get something like this through. It seems Otter was already on board though.

    Coyotes are bad enough around here but we don’t see wolves near Palouse that I know, yet. More elk and moose sightings have people talking about pressure up in the hills from wolves, pushing the larger ruminants farther down into the wheat country. There was talk of a kitty cat (cougar) sighting recently however, just outside Palouse. Son takes regular jogs right around there too, and he can’t legally carry a heater.

    And yeah; there’s been a lot of talk about people fixing to go on regular wolf depredation hunts, with or without anyone’s bloody permission. “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up!” has become a part of the common vernacular hereabouts. The recent teaparty candidate for gubnuh was one of them. He’d also spoken to the militia about creative ways of keeping the feds out. As I’ve said; the states are the places to look for political solutions. The feds will have to be brought along by the hair, kicking, screaming, crying and peeing their pants.

  2. Y’ever notice how the folks with those “Wolves Belong” stickers on their cars all tend to live in cities, where there aren’t any?

  3. The wolves have been devastating both private livestock and wildlife in Idaho for many years now

    I don’t live there, but I like it, there should be hunting of the wolves though to keep them in line. Seems more exciting. I’m a big advocate of reintroducing African big game to big cities, i.e. lions in San Francisco, elephants in Dallas, and tigers in Manhattan. I’m sure man will be the top of the food chain for quite some time – but do we have to be so complacent?

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