Coupon for Winchester Ranger ammo

I received this email from yesterday:

Hi there,

I thought you might enjoy this coupon alert….

Check out this GREAT deal -$15 OFF 500 Rounds of 40 S&W 180 gr JHP Winchester Ranger Ammo –  Use Coupon Code 15OFF-40SW and get it for $175/500 Rounds!

Offer good through next Monday 4/18/11- Unlimited uses per customer while supplies last- Stock UP and please spread the word and share with your loyal followers!

Thank you for all that you do,

I carry this same exact round for my self-defense needs.

This does appear to be a pretty good price so I ordered 500 rounds for my own use.


2 thoughts on “Coupon for Winchester Ranger ammo

  1. Thanks for passing along this phenomenal deal. I just took advantage. Note: according to the site, the Sale price of $190 ends on the 14th, so the $175 steal of a deal is today and tomorrow only. Even at the regular price of $220, the coupon means $205 until the 18th, which is still a good deal on this ammo.

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