The scarlet sticker

In Kentucky:

Grinnell said he expected to have to leave his weapon with security officers when he went into the Capitol. But when he told one of the officers that he was carrying a concealed weapon, Grinnell said they simply recorded his concealed-carry permit information and gave him a red sticker to wear, signifying he had a gun.

I would view such a sticker as a sign that says, “Shoot Me First!”


7 thoughts on “The scarlet sticker

  1. Maybe, but at least they let him keep it…in a sense, isn’t open carry like wearing a “shoot me first” badge (at least, in a tactical sense)? Perhaps we should reserve judgment until we know whether the red sticker is seen as a badge of honor or a scarlet letter and, as it goes, Kentucky isn’t so terribly unfriendly to gun owners (see IL, NY, NJ, etc.)

  2. I’m posting this in my blog, thanks to you! Insanity, or maybe an invitation to open-carry? gfa

  3. Assuming the Capitol is analogous to a court-house it could also be looked at as a signal to the baliffs NOT to shoot. Or rather this guy checks out so don’t panic if some random busybody catches a glimpse and calls in a “OMG man with a gun!!!!!”.

  4. If the choice is have the recording and stickers, assuming they are allowed by current law and policy, and inure people who might otherwise fight to restrict access to carry or lose the ability to carry then the the smart money is put up with it for a while then suggest, since no one seems to mind carry and there haven’t been problems, they are a waste of time.

    Besides, it isn’t a “shoot me first” signal in a building with a metal detector. Only “good guys” will get through unchallenged and if you hear the shootout with the guards you just take it off.

    Incrementalism wins, get something and improve it. The Alaska, Arizona and soon others model.

  5. My view on the tactics of open carry is that it is a trade-off. It serves as a deterrent just as a large healthy male being present and alert while going for a walk with a child is going to be a deterrent to child molesters. The draw from open carry is generally going to be a little bit faster too. The downside is that it increases the odds that a preemptive attack will be successful.

    I don’t see any mention that metal detectors are used. They are not used at the capital building in Olympia, Washington where carry is allowed. So I can’t say the sticker really can be considered a “good guy” tag in this case.

    That KY provides for carry within the capital is a good thing. But I think the sticker is, at best, pointless. Incrementalism? Sure. I’ll accept it for now and later push for the elimination of it.

  6. Joe,

    I had two failures to RTFA in the same morning. Sorry for the clutter that resulted on your comments pages.


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