As David Hardy says, “Brady Campaign might as well surrender…”

Just look at the number of views of their YouTube videos. Videos they posted 10 hours ago have received four, six, and nine views. For videos that have been posted for a week they have an average of 107 views.

That isn’t even a “friends and family” viewing rate. Maybe they don’t have any friends, just family.


6 thoughts on “Pathetic

  1. Jesus. My X-Plane videos do better than that. I can beat Brady with fake flying over beautiful computer generated landscapes. How pathetic is that? Maybe I need to prove this once again.

  2. Yeah, they average about 100 a week. That’s certainly nothing to brag about, but is that really indicative of whether their argument is better or worse than yours? For that you need to use some common sense and honesty.

  3. I agree, mikeb302000, the number of views of a video has nothing to do with the validity of an argument. All it does is demonstrate the popularity of the viewpoint expressed.

    But I would propose to you that popularity of a viewpoint can be an indication that the viewpoint is correct. Furthermore, when a viewpoint based on lies and distortions is exposed, that can result in that viewpoint becoming more and more unpopular.

    And when that happens, it is a beautiful thing to see!

  4. MikeB302000’s “rebuttals” (if you could call a chain of logical fallacies, ad hominem, and a few blatant lies a “Rebuttal”) shows the validity of their arguments.

    Also the hit-and-run nature of his blog comments (which is the reason why my blog picks up his comments as spam) he has no desire to actually make a point or support a point of view, he just wants to be heard.

    Of course as said above, the very best anti-gun bloggers and sites get virtually no traffic, so they are heard by very few, and of those who are in earshot, over 90% are laughing.

  5. @mikeb302000, They lost the argument when their name included the word “Prevention”. Beyond that what the numbers mean is that even if they came up with a good argument no one would be listening.

  6. No surprise that their comments are turned off. If commenting were allowed, we would no doubt see that a large number of those views are from the opposition keeping tabs.

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