Quote of the day—Michael Marks

Madigan is just another unqualified hack politician driving a short-sighted special-interest agenda against all reality and fiscal responsibility. This idea will waste money we don’t have and empower criminals to more confidently pick out the helpless and defenseless. If you are a gun-owner in Illinois you should be affronted, perhaps even ticked off. If you not a permit holder in Illinois, you should be terrified. Lisa Madigan is putting your name and your home on the menu.

Michael Marks
Director of Communication-Fifty Caliber Institute
April 7, 2011 Newsletter
Regarding Illinois attorney general, Lisa Madigan, wanting to release the names of gun owners to the public.
[The entire concept of creating lists of gun owners and making the list available to the public is no different than doing the same with homosexuals, Jews, Catholics, or Muslims. We are not sexual predators and we don’t appreciate being treated like them.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Michael Marks

  1. Yep, the Jews in the Attic test.
    Why stop at publishing the list of names and addresses? Why not make them wear a special emblem on their outer garment, say a red circle? Later you mention going to the capitol and instead of checking in his gun a man is given a red sticker. Why stop at publication?

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