Sororities raise money for Brady Campaign

How ironic. All that effort spent raising money for an organization that wants them helpless on their own campuses:

Theta Chi wasted no time coming back from Spring Break by throwing their 2nd annual War of the Roses Week. The week-long philanthropy event raised over $2,100 to support the Brady Campaign, which is an organization designed to prevent gun violence.

If they didn’t want to have guns then don’t buy them. But don’t give money to an organization that works to remove other peoples right to choose—including my daughters and nieces.

Maybe I can encourage the young women in my family going to college to work on a fund raiser for the Second Amendment Foundation.


7 thoughts on “Sororities raise money for Brady Campaign

  1. One week and they raised an entire $2100? Kids these days. My high school band raised more than that in one day with a car wash. Can you imagine what we could raise in a week for GOA, NRA, or any other group gun owners decided to support that week?

  2. The old saying “God made men and women,Sam Colt made them all equal” comes to mind.

    BTW my better half was the first to own a revolver. When I meet her I owned no guns. She owned them because bad things had happened to her friend (raped and murdered), she did not want to have to ever trust in the kindness of strangers who have you pinned on the ground.

  3. Like everything else the left touches, they’ve turned the word “philanthropy” upside down.

  4. It’s not enough for gun control advocates to not buy guns themselves. The whole point is to prevent others who are unfit to responsibly handle gun ownership to not be able to buy them. Why do you guys always morph that into taking your rights away? It’s nothing of the sort. Most gun control folks, myself included, have no problem with lawful and responsible gun ownership. I realize you object to the government deciding who qualifies, but how the hell else can we do it. You’ve not been doing too good a job policing yourselves and keeping all those guns among the law abiding. With your lax gun laws and your wrong-headed attitudes about guns you’re continually feeding the criminal world with them. It needs to stop and the sorority sisters you mentioned are trying to help.

  5. “You’ve not been doing too good a job policing yourselves and keeping all those guns among the law abiding.”

    Says the admitted criminal who doesn’t want to discuss the realities of how gun control laws work.

    You anti-rights fanatics haven’t been doing a very good job at doing what you claim. Hell all those lovely gun-control capitals are havens for rape, assault, and murder.

    How about this, you control-freaks take care of the criminals among you, and then we’ll talk.

  6. @mikeb302000, We reject the entire idea of prevention. The government has no more business preventing “gun violence” than they do preventing someone from falsely yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater.

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