Dr. Joe’s cure can kill you

It turns out that Dr. Joe’s cure for everything isn’t sufficient by itself. In fact, it can kill you:

“Individuals who engage in sexual activity have a 2.7-fold increase in the risk of heart attack during a brief window of time – on the order of several hours – during and after the sexual activity, as compared to periods of time when the person is not having sex,” Dr. Paulus said in an e-mail.

Also of possible interest is that I know a woman who has had two different men “die in the saddle”, so to speak, with her.

I doubt that it is really connected but of even more interest is her name—Angel.


11 thoughts on “Dr. Joe’s cure can kill you

  1. I have more interest in knowing if she is local and we connect. I respect a good resume.

  2. Hey, every treatment has some side effect, in this case it’s well worth the risk!

  3. If you hook up with Angel you can be coming and going at the same time.

  4. Joe, you taught me to challenge the FIRST premise, first. So, could it be that this famous Angela likes to bed men in poor cardiovascular condition? How did the original researcher derive those stats? To do so, he would have had to have BOTH access to manner of death info AND specific metrics on frequency of sexual activity in men, which is, very likely, the single most lied-about activity men do. Analysis says don’t trust these stats. As a final note, if it was REALLY that bad, don’t you think that the SMARTIES in the (D)onk Party, when writing the Obamacare Bill, would have included a prohibition or as least severe limitation on men’s sexual activity? We gotta trust those (D)onks, they tell us to, all the time.


  5. Her name is “Angel”, eh? Would her full name be “Angel of Death”?

  6. The hell with that. I want to finish strong and go out on top.

    What, can’t you be more original than that? I can think of several better options than going out on top. 🙂

  7. RE: dying “in the saddle”

    My first thought (like 99% of the guys reading this) was, “Hell, yeah!”

    Further reflection has resulted in a rejection of that scenario.

    I can’t think of ANY way that wouldn’t be a extraordinarily traumatic event for my wife.

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