H222 (Campus Carry) Senate Hearing Friday

The following is via an email alert from the Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance. I have added the counties for the various district in red.

This Friday the 25th the Senate State Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on the campus carry bill. The anti-gun college administrators are pulling out all the stops to try to kill this bill. We need those of you who live in one of the districts below  ( whose Senator is on the state affairs committee )  to call your senator and let them know that you support the right of faculty, staff, students, and members of the public to defend themselves on college campuses and that violent predators do not respect gun-free zones.
You may also have heard that the Governor has not expressed support for this bill. Everyone: please contact his office ASAP and politely ask Governor Otter to support this bill.
Governor Butch Otter
(208) 334-2100
Senator Curt McKenzie (R-12), Chairman (A co-sponsor: Thank him for his support!) (part of Canyon County)
Senator Russell Fulcher (R-21), Vice Chairman (part of Ada County)
Senator Bart Davis (R-23) (Owyhee County)
Senator Brent Hill (R-34) (Fremont and Madison County)
Senator John McGee (R-10) (part of Canyon County)
Senator Patti Anne Lodge (R-13) (part of Canyon County)
Senator Chuck Winder (R-14) (part of Ada County)
Senator Michelle Stennett (D-25) (Blaine, Camas, Gooding, and Lincoln County)
Senator Edgar Malepeai (D-30) (part of Power County)

Today daughter Kim sent me images from the University of Idaho school newspaper. There were several editorials telling everyone how terrible this bill is. How it removes choices from the students and the administration. Choices they would and have made to make the campus safer. And how dangerous it will be if people with permits are allowed to carry firearms on campus.

“Choices”? What about the choices of the students that will be expelled if they choose to carry everyday self-defense tools which they carry off campus on a regular basis? Would they use the same argument if the bill were to allow mixed race couples on campus? Or allowing Jews and Muslims on campus? Or how about forbidding the university administration to expel students who obtained abortions? Would those be “choices” the administration should be allowed to make?

The right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right protected by both the U.S. and Idaho State Constitutions. The University does not and should not have an exemption to infringe upon the Bill of Rights.