Layers of editorial oversight

It could be this was ignorance of the investigators or a communications error somewhere along the way but a fact checker or someone should have caught this before it went public:

When investigators arrived they found shell casings from a .380 magnum and an AK-47 at the scene in the 3900 block of North Lansing Place.

A “.380 magnum”? That would be something like a 9mm Lugar, right?


12 thoughts on “Layers of editorial oversight

  1. Maybe more like 9×18 Mak? Is the suspect a commie with a CZ-52 and an AK-47?

    Isn’t .380 9×17?

  2. Next time I’m at the gun store remind me to ask for an ak-47 in .380 magnum. Then again, don’t…

  3. Or maybe it’s just a journalist seeking to embellish his/her story. Not that that would ever happen would it?

  4. I kind of wonder how they know that the shell casings were from an AK… Couldn’t they also be from an SKS, an AR-15 with commie upper, a CZ527 bolt action rifle, or one of many other firearms chambered in 7.62×39?

  5. You’re thinking of the .88 magnum.

    Heh. Now that is an old movie reference.

  6. The .380 magnum is also known as the 9mm Barrett. It was designed when people started complaining about the .44 magnum being the most powerful handgun in the world and could blow a man’s head clean off.

  7. Perhaps the fact-checkers (you know, the folks that make the Legacy Media so much more reliable than the New Media) had just enjoyed consuming a magnum of their favorite champagne….

  8. NeenerX2. You’re all wrong, and you may join Mr. Colt in wrongness (wrongity?) when he named the cartridge for his Baby Colt the “380 ACP”. Of course, it’s not, it’s a .355 ACP, as anyone who has tried to stuff 9mm boolits into .38 Special & .357 Magnum hulls (.357) will know (who’d be dumb enough to try THAT, you ask). Heh. I tried, I cornfess. Didn’t have a 9mm expander plug for my die, so the idea didn’t fly. Boolits fell into the hole, couldn’t be seated properly before crimping.

  9. Could they be referring to the venerable .38 super? There at least used to be some 1911 patterns in that cartridge…I dunno about ak’s but I suppose stranger things have happened.

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