Gun Control Campaigners

Yesterday Say Uncle posted about a cable network post for “Gun Control Campaigners” all over.

We can add, to no ones surprise, Boston to the list of places they are advertising.

I thought the phrase “Gun Control Campaigners” was a little odd. In our country those people would typically be called “Gun Control Activists”.

A little bit of Bing searching hints that phrase is common in the U.K.


4 thoughts on “Gun Control Campaigners

  1. Just checked the Reddit link, 3 comments, here they are:

    OP: stratford – Looking for Gun Control Campaigners (

    C1: dirty530 – shall we all spam them with responsible gun ownership?

    C2: Airtech77 – Yes we shall, but it would only work if you are from Oregon most likely.

    C3: Its_like_aol – Haha, looking for gun control shills on craigslist. I think they’re losing.

    I may just login to Reddit and down vote the snot our of it!

  2. I’m still holding out hope that it’s the producers for Penn and Teller’s show on Showtime. (I’m worried about saying it too much and google finding out.) They’ve used craigslist to find their “subjects” before.

  3. Hm. Foreign astroturfing? Noooo, the anti-rights nuts would never stoop to something that low!


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