Not total, just 90%

Ry says he is not a total bastard. This is true. But I sometimes have to scowl at some of his ideas. You have no idea what his mind is capable of. Ice cubes and water hoses are just hints of some of the things he has suggested for Boomershoot “improvements”.


2 thoughts on “Not total, just 90%

  1. He’s actually a masochist, but instead of causing physical pain, he gets you to destroy your ammunition stores and empty your wallet buying more ammunition. Then he laughs when he hears you mumble as you still can’t hit the damn thing.

    It seems that some though appreciate that kind of punishment.

  2. We’re out there to improve our shooting effectiveness. The fact that it is fun is icing on the cake. If we were ever to need our shooting skills for something serious, there’s no saying our targets will all be predictable, the weather reasonably accommodating, and the shooting positions designed to our favor.

    Shooting at unpredictable, stationary paper box targets at out leisure while someone shovels ice down our backs and pours water on us would be vastly preferable to some scenarios I could envision.

    Some of us pay good money after having scouted an area for perhaps weeks to months, to climb 40 feet into a tree and sit in potentially sub zero weather for hours at a time with a primitive weapon, hoping a nice deer will cross into our field of fire so we’ll have maybe three to ten seconds to make a shoot/don’t shoot decision on a moving target that has awareness, a strong survival instinct and keen senses, for the one shot we have available in a year, and that is considered “sport” by some. I think so too, but it’s also practice (and some good eating afterwards).

    What; you think the anti hunting forces are concerned about the fuzzy little animals?

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