Campus carry on the move in Idaho

Via email from Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance (I’m on the Board of Directors):

From: Michael C. Brown
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 1:44 PM
Subject: Alert: Campus Carry Reform on the move!

The Idaho House State Affairs committee voted 16-3 to print H222 which will clarify that the colleges and universities can only regulate firearms in dorms. Currently the U of I and other state colleges and universities have policies that ban all firearms from campus, even ones stored in a private automobile. Some colleges even restrict off-duty and retired law enforcement officers from carrying on their campuses. This much needed legislation was drafted by Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance in conjunction with Idaho Students for Concealed Carry. This will probably come up for a full hearing next week– we’ll keep you informed!
Michael C. “Mike” Brown
Executive Director/General Counsel
Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance
208 835-3737
208 835-3744 Fax

This is particular important to me because I have a daughter (with a concealed weapons license) attending the University of Idaho and frequently walks to and from classes from our home a mile or so off campus.


4 thoughts on “Campus carry on the move in Idaho

  1. The University Of Idaho has a island on Second life that is used for some online lectures,summer school classes, and other school related things. The University of Idaho extends its no wepons on campus rules to this online location. The following is the rule related to this post coppied directly from the Univerity of Idaho’s Second Life campus.

    “While you are on the University of Idaho’s Metacampus please observe the following rules:

    -Weapons are not allowed. All weapons must be kept in the avatar’s inventory.
    This includes the “popgun” and “celtic sword” from your inventory.
    Any breach of the listed rules or the Code of Conduct can result in your being banned from the island. Banning can be permanent.”
    After reading this post I called my dad to reminded him of this,I had told him about it around a year ago, and he asked me to leave a comment about it.

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