Winter storm warning

I was going to go to the Steel Challenge match today but I have to drive 300 miles back to my hidden underground bunker today and this little issue came up:

Winter Storm Warning
(Expires: Monday February 28 4:00PM PST)

the national weather service in spokane has issued a winter storm
warning for heavy snow and blowing snow which is in effect from 4
am this morning to 4 pm pst monday.

snow accumulations: total snow accumulations of 8 to 10 inches
are expected from this morning through monday afternoon.

elevation: all elevations.

timing: snow will begin this morning, increase through the
afternoon, taper off tonight, then ioncrease again monday.

locations include: moscow, plummer, potlatch, genesee

winds: winds will increase and become gusty late today through
monday, producing areas of blowing or drifting snow. gusts to
35 mph will be possible.

impacts: difficult driving conditions will be a certainty,
with visibilities dropping significantly in wind prone
locations due to blowing snow.

Similar warnings exist for nearly the entire route back to my bunker. It could be a long drive and I need to get started early and make as much of the trip as I can in daylight.


3 thoughts on “Winter storm warning

  1. You should have come shot USPSA with us at Renton. Only 60 something shooters, and it wasn’t that cold, actually.

  2. I would have had to left Idaho at 3:00 AM to make it to Renton in time for the match. I left at 9:30 AM and arrived at 3:30 PM so I missed matches in both states. 🙁

    But I did make it safely back to my bunker and have a few interesting pictures from the trip to post when I get around to it.

  3. What I’ve seen this season is that a prediction of 8 to 10 inches ends up being two to four. Take the minimum, cut it in half, and that’s your maximum. They’ve cried “Wolf!” so many times I don’t pay much attention anymore. One recent “severe winter storm warning” ended up as what I call a “skiff” of snow– a light dusting of no significance that’s just enough to say truthfully that it “snowed”.

    The mountain passes are of course another matter, but I’m talking local Moscow, Idaho area dire warnings here.

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