Allen West Spanks a Koran Thumper

Interesting isn’t it, how the left has always hated America-loving Bible Thumpers, but has no problem at all with America-hating Koran Thumpers?

West would make a great president, I’m thinking.  Too bad the video isn’t subtitled.  The CAIR rep, when confronted by West, I think, responds; “Hakkalakka, Muhammad jihad! Derka derka!” but I can’t quite make it out so I’m not sure.  The CAIR people aren’t accustomed to having anyone correct their ridiculous assertions.  I guess they’ll have to start learning on the job.

Hat tip to Glen Beck, who mentioned this on the radio this morning.


5 thoughts on “Allen West Spanks a Koran Thumper

  1. You have to remember that these whackos do not like ANY criticism of there religion or any aspect of it both religiously and culturally. In Europe it is actually illegal to criticize islam. And people have actually been tried and convicted of that. The netherlands comes to mind.

    It is well known that CAIR and the saudis who fund them with oil money want the US constituion removed, replaced with sharia and all unbelivers slaughtered or enslaved. They say this publicly. And they wonder why they have so much negativity towards them. Or course they will just accuse West of being racist or an “islamophbe”.

    There is a youtube user known as Pat Condell. He has a large quanities of videos critisising the nutjobs but moreso critical of the governments that pander and prostrate to these people.

  2. Regarding Islam, this video on youtube was pretty enlightening, or at least their first point was.

    I was familiar with the other two points, but I didn’t realize that the Koran specifically states that, in any contradiction, the passage written later trumps the preceding one. So all the non-violent stuff is superceded by the later “kill the infidels” stuff.

  3. Laughingdog,

    Doesn’t that passage then place the truth value of the whole thing into doubt? Kinda like the statement, “This statement is false.”?

  4. As someone who flatters himself that he is at least an attempted Christian, I have never thought much of Bible-thumpers. As I wrote over at Say Uncle’s place, there were lots of Christians before the New Testament was officially compiled, as is evident to anyone of the meanest understanding. That there were Epistles (letters) implies that there were Christian congregations to receive and read those letters. The New Testament, the compilation of those writings, came later.

  5. P.s. I think I recall reading, maybe 20-some years ago, that somebody had discovered some ancient Koranic texts in the attic of a very old mosque somewhere, which did not concur and absolutely agree with the received text of the Koran. Were Mohammedans Christians, they would have grabbed those, carefully studied them and preserved them for scholars, etc. Being Mohammedans, I betcha they just burned them.

    Christian: Tell the truth and shame the Devil! (Yes, as a Christian, I concur.)

    Mohammedan: You have insulted the Prophet! Off with your head!

    Jew: You people are all nuts; I’ll look out for my own people and their interests, thankyouverymuch.

    Buddhist: It doesn’t matter anyway, relax and enjoy it.

    Hindu: It depends on who your Mommy and Daddy are.

    Shinto: If you ain’t Nip, you ain’t shit.

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