Leupold Custom Shop

I just discovered Leupold’s Custom Shop. If I were in the market for a new scope this would be the first and probably only place I would look. I’ve always been annoyed that the features I want in a long range scope were almost impossible to find. The one scope I really like which I put on my Spud Gun (see also this post) required sending it off to put the mil-dot reticle in it. Here I can interactively put those features on the scope before it leaves the factory. Awesome!


2 thoughts on “Leupold Custom Shop

  1. While I agree that Leupolds custom shop (as well as the couple of vendors out there who build custom scopes using Leupold parts) make good scopes; when you price it out, they are nearly as expensive as U.S. optics (another custom manufacturer), at slightly lower quality and toughness.

    Nothing against Leupold; you get an excellent scope. I just think the extra couple hundred on a $2000+ scope is worth it, to get that extra bit of quality and toughness.

  2. I recommend Scott Berish of LibertyOptics.com as the first stop for a precision long range scope. I’ve bought two from him and can’t recommend him highly enough.

    If he doesn’t have what you need, he will point you in the right direction to get what you want.

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