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The Lady Laser 25 caliber pistol from Sundance Industries of Valencia, California. The Lady Laser is a Saturday Night Special pistol that comes equipped with a laser sight mounted on its trigger guard. Laser sights offer the user point-and-shoot killing capability. Based on the unique characteristics of the weapon price, size, and lethality the Lady Laser appears to be an attempt by Sundance to break into the criminal pistol market that so far has been dominated by fellow California Saturday Night Special manufacturers Lorcin, Davis, and Bryco.

Violence Policy Center
January 20, 1995
Gun Industry, Pro Gun Lobbying Organizations Meet At Las Vegas S.H.O.T. Show To Preview New Products And Hone Marketing And Press Strategies
[Are affordable cars an attempt by the automobile industry to get into the criminal getaway car market? How about a printer for your computer that is within the price range of single mothers? Would that be an attempt to sell to those who would use it for libel?

Those were the dark days of gun ownership and the forces of evil were constantly hammering on us as if we were the scourge of the earth. They came very close to extinguishing the last spark of resistance. But I think they overplayed their hand just a little bit and the public began to see the absurdity of their actions and their rhetoric. We fought back and now if we play our hand right over the next generation or two we should be able to politically extinguish them.—Joe]


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  1. There’s a concept that’s been percolating in the back of my mind these past few days. If one were to correlate the passage of NFA34/anti-gun-rights crowd with the Russian revolution/communism and track the course of influence of the respective parties…how would they match up? It’s a very rough notion, but I think you can see what I’m leading up to. It was Japete’s continuous harping about the ‘majority of American supporting gun control’ meme that got me thinking about this.

    1917 Revolution to 1989 Berlin wall falls (and the much of the rest of the soviet bloc soon after)…70 years +/-
    1934 NFA + 70 years = 2004. AWB falls (with much of the remaining anti-gun laws to follow?)

    I think gun control is ‘spent’. They had their way, and now reality is taking hold.

  2. “…the criminal pistol market that so far has been dominated by fellow California Saturday Night Special manufacturers Lorcin, Davis, and Bryco.” — Is VPC cutting and pasting from last century’s documents? Davis was chased out of California / sued out of existence in 1998. (I do hafta snort over the “lethality” of a .25!) Losing your argument, sad panda? Turn the volume up!

  3. Last century, yes. Look at the date. It’s from 1995. Actually, I’m kind of surprised at a built-in laser back then.

  4. …because every gangbanger in the country is going to fall all over themselves to carry a girl gun. Very macho, that. If you pulled that out, the other gangbangers probably wouldn’t even shoot you. They’d just give you a wedgie and take your lunch money.

  5. To paraphrase Jeff Cooper “If you shoot a man with a .25, you risk irritating him. If he notices.”

  6. Later in life, Jeff Cooper seems to have relented a bit on the .25:

    “If you shoot a man with a .25, it may give you some small advantage in the fistfight that will surely follow.”

  7. In most of their diatribes against “junk guns” or “Saturday Night Specials,” most anti-gunowner advocates will complain about their supposed inaccuracy. Now they are against one because it is TOO accurate?

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