Nice of you to admit that

Colin and Andy Goddard posting on the Brady Campaign blog admit something I have been saying for a long time:

The laws on the books aren’t working…

Yup. And the CDC agrees with us.

Then they should have no problem agreeing that we should repeal those laws and try something different, correct? Let’s look at what does work. For example what happened to the murder rate in Washington D.C. when the gun ban was declared unconstitutional? Oh, yeah! Within one year it dropped to the lowest level since 1985 – a 24 year low. What about forcible rape? That turned out different. Within one year it dropped to the lowest level since 1967—a 42 year low. Just maybe strict gun laws are not the solution to increasing public safety.

But then we know that the Brady Campaign has no real interest in public safety so don’t expect them to agree with me anytime soon.


3 thoughts on “Nice of you to admit that

  1. Restrictions on personal weapons are not, and never have been, about crime or safety.

  2. Allow me to translate that from Left-speak into proper English:

    “The laws on the books aren’t working” = “We need more repressive laws to subjugate the populace.”

    Seeing as how the CDC is a Government organization, they serve their masters in Government, not government and certainly not the people.

  3. Looks like that rhetoric is back in the rotation. They seem to rotate their BS so it doesn’t sound tired. “Finger Twitch”, “Selling guns to Terrorists”, “designed just to kill”, “More safety regulations on Teddy Bears”. Its all BS. The laws aren’t working, so we need more laws that don’t work, obviously, is their logic, rather than our logic that the laws don’t work to stop crime, but DO work to limit freedom, so we should repeal them.

    Or maybe they LIKE limits on freedom and liberty, but they can’t say that….just like how this fella here never actually SAYS he hates black people

    No, no, he likes black people plenty good, just doesn’t want them living in his neighborhood, or marrying his daughter, and he things people should stand up for their race!

    But he’s not racist! NOOOOO!

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