7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jack Klenk

  1. So they finally repealed the 1968 GCA, huh? Sheesh! Do these people even know the meaning of the word “research”?

  2. I really expected to see this on a poster when I visited Brady HQ:

    “Never let actual facts get in the way of your gun-control argument.”

  3. Wow. Some people would not know how to tell the truth if given a manual and walked through the process by a handler. And yet they think they should be in charge of legislation?


    I would not trust them with my actual firearms, much less the rights pertaining to them!

  4. I often say stupid should hurt, though I also wish ignorance, most especially the willful dissemination of ignorance should really freaking hurt.

  5. Or, as a mirror-universe Hugh Akston, channeling his inner Ann Landers, might have said:

    We do not show – we tell. We do not prove – we claim. It is not your rational conviction that we seek to win, but your obedience.

    For obedience is exactly what they seek. They wish to rule, with us as serfs. And the Russians found out after Napoleon’s failed invasion what happens when you let serfs have weapons….

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