Any Catholics out there?

If you are Catholic John Snyder, founder of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, has a request:

This year the society plans to mark St. Gabriel Possenti’s feast day, Feb. 27, by urging Catholic firearms owners to put one of their website coupons ( in the collection basket. The coupon states: “Millions for charity but not one cent for gun-grabbing church bureaucrats.”


6 thoughts on “Any Catholics out there?

  1. Growing up, we stopped going to church when the Presbyterian Church went pro gun-control and said parishioners should get rid of their firearms. It confused me greatly when I see religious organizations go pro gun-control. It’s like they think they’re exempt from possible genocide.

  2. I grew up in the Presbyterian Church as well. Do you remember what year that was?

    I am sort of guessing 1983 or so. Everything became very political at are church in that era. I was just in 7th grade but I remember people leaving. I truly only went to church for the girls. All my friends made fun of me, but boy they were missing out.



  3. “It confused me greatly when I see religious organizations go pro gun-control.

    It shouldn’t be confusing at all. Y’all need to do some investigation. Leftist organizations, like the TIDES foundation, have been specifically targeting churches for a long time. Some religious leaders are going as far as to say that Jesus would support socialism, or Jesus was in fact a socialist.

    Jesus with a swastika arm band. Jesus with a red hammer and sickle emblem. Jesus with a Che Guevara T-shirt. There’s a pretty picture.

  4. The Left started infiltrating the churches back in the ’70s and have been slowly edging out everyone else ever since. By now there are very few conservative-types left in the clergy of most mainline Protestant churches; the few that remain are mostly very old, and very marginalized. They came in trying to change everything, saying things like “if you just try it, you’ll like it”, then people didn’t like it and left, then they decided they needed to change things up even more to “stay relevant” and the cycle has been going on like that for some time. Then they wonder why they keep hemorrhaging members–because in their minds, they can’t possibly be wrong.

    These same people are also directly responsible for a major dumbing down of religion and religious education, to the point where now theology and doctrine are nearly forgotten concepts and traditional worship is nearly extinct. Logic (and, Richard Dawkins aside, there is or can be plenty of that in religion, if you know where to look–the major difference is that we don’t try to prove God, we posit His existence. Whether or not that’s reasonable is a whole ‘nother argument.) has been replaced with a load of touchy-feely crap, if you’ll pardon my french. There is a generation of people (mine) who barely even know what traditional worship is, or that it ever existed–the only reason I do (and I for one love it dearly, although it’s mighty hard to find around here) is because my father was one of the last traditional Methodist preachers left. He would not let the traditions die in his churches where he had any say over it–and even he got edged out years ago, mostly over political considerations and age discrimination, in spite of the fact that he left every church he ever had in far better financial condition than it had been when he got there (usually when he got there, they were quite deep in debt, but 5 years later they’d be out of debt & running a surplus, with money in the bank).

  5. Sorry, but this is the wrong path to take on this. Getting in touch with your pastor or bishop over your concerns is a great idea, but a boycott is entirely inappropriate.

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