Have you noticed that the very word “conspiracy”, like so many words, no longer means what it means?

Last night as I was listening to a conservative talk show, the host demonstrated this by saying; “This isn’t a conspiracy– it really happened”.

I may have to add an entry to the Left-Speak Dictionary.  Conspiracy – that which does not exist.  Something unreal.  Any irrational assertion.

The transformation is so advanced that even mostly rational, well-educated people are using it in the left-speak form.

It’s no longer necessary to include the “theory” afterward, either.  You use “conspiracy” by itself and it means the same thing; “Oh, that’s just a conspiracy” is now proper English in some quarters, for describing a ridiculous theory.  What are we to call a collaboration between two or more people then?  How about “fred”?  “It’s a fred, I tell you!  A fred!”  What are we to call an assertion that there may be a collaboration between two or more people?  A fred blop.  “I do not subscribe to your fred blop, Mr. Wilson, for the following reasons….”

Insurance against financial hardship in the event of an expensive medical emergency is how “healthcare”.  “Yeeahh; it’s a bummerrr, Dude– I don’t have healthcare.”  If healthcare is now insurance, what do we call insurance?

Make that two new entries.

I’d like to have a lot more gay (formerly cheerful and/or exuberant) intercourse (formerly any interaction, often especially conversation) with you here, but sometimes it’s difficult to get in the mood.  All the hope (formerly communist revolution) that’s been breaking out is getting me down.  I believe the evidence suggests that there is a greater-than-zero probability that it is the result of a collaboration between two or more people.  Does that make me “paranoid”?

Make that three.


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. It’s less obvious, but the Left has been following a classic Orwellian trajectory. One of the major take-home messages of 1984, in my not-so-educated-or-humble opinion, is that controlling the language in such a manner sets the parameters of allowable, even possible, thoughts. If they can arbitrarily redefine words to mean other things, it will eventually (they hope, and storm and press incessantly, that) eventually we will be unable even to conceptualize (true) liberty–for when they say “liberty” it will mean “control”. That is the end game.

  2. Haha, darn, I didn’t think of that.

    Wait, I know, if a leftist says it isn’t happening that means it really is! I’m homefree!

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