Lying to win

Deception and twisting the facts are all they have left so they continue to use what they have:

The legal argument being used to try to force EPA to ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle is based on a nonsensical interpretation of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which includes a specific exclusion for ammunition.  TSCA, section 3(2)(B)(v)) precludes the EPA from regulating ammunition.  But, CBD wants a court to hold that the TSCA ammunition exclusion does not apply to bullets and shot, because neither bullets nor shot are actually “ammunition” (i.e., a shell, primer, and projectile, etc., in one cartridge or unit). CBD’s argument is founded on an inapplicable interpretation of a tax ruling issued by the IRS in 1954 that distinguished the sale of “separate parts of ammunition” and complete ammunition for taxation purposes only.

It was this sort of behavior from Handgun Control, now the Brady Campaign, that first convinced me the gun grabbers needed to be opposed and I started down the path to being a gun owner rights activist. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and, as I have explained before, Diane Feinstein helped bring the world Boomershoot.

It odd how the unintended consequences of a few relatively small lies can change the world isn’t it? Some people become activists because of a malicious act by someone with mental problems (the Brady’s for example) and others become activists against them because they lied. Others report similar stories.

I’ve heard people say, “Karma is a bitch” and this could be an example of that. Each year about 125 people acquire equipment and skills then attend Boomershoot to exercise those skills to hit pie-plate sized targets at 700 yards. This is more people than the Brady Campaign can get to attend their annual meeting.

Sebastian also has thoughts on what activates activists.


2 thoughts on “Lying to win

  1. Damn it Joe!
    Remember in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, where every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings? Well, every time a blogger types Ruby Ridge Waco, DHS gets another Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

    When a blogger uses words like Ruby, Waco, Ridge, and gun close together, it gets flagged by the Government internet watching computer, and now the government needs to hire another person just to read blogs full time.

  2. Thanks, Dusty, you just created two more FTEs. 😉


    I had a conversation with my mom the other day centering around my little incident and I have recently come to a realization. While there is no doubt I would be active in the gun community, would participate in Boomershoot, though I would probably not be nearly as out spoken without that run in.

    My personal run in put me at ground zero and showed me how bad the system actually is. Had the state actually been able to do a cost benefit analysis from what they did, to what they now have, someone would have probably said, “Leave that kid alone.” Then again I do have a propensity towards this attitude anyway, maybe I would have developed the extra zeal elsewhere.

    The bottom line is though, just as they try and create more FTEs, each time they try and stomp on someone, they make more of us. If that someone survives the stomp, odds are they will be more outspoken than they were previously. The most dangerous man in the world is the man who has nothing to loose. When a man has been stripped of his rights by his government, what does he have left to lose?


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