Boomershoot 2011 is (almost) full

This morning the last “normal” shooting position for Boomershoot 2011 filled up. There is still one position available in the .50 Caliber Ghetto. People can and do shoot smaller caliber guns from this position it’s just that they don’t have access to the closer targets.

The .50 caliber positions are always the last to fill and frequently there will be one or more of these still available on Boomershoot day.

If you are interested in participating in Boomershoot 2011 but want some other position you should seriously taking a .50 caliber slot and let me know you really want a different position. I expect there will be more cancelations in the next month or so and people already signed up get first chance to take the open slot. If you don’t get the position you want you can still cancel and get a refund if you request it before April 1.


1 thought on “Boomershoot 2011 is (almost) full

  1. First off congratulations to your son in-law! That is one heck of a honor, which I am sure he has earned. Please thank him for the service to our country.

    Secondly “Stephen Hunter”(he wrote the book which became the movie “Sniper”) has a Washington Post article on why extended mags are needed for home defense. Also he gives a very good history of the firearm, made me think.

    Sorry to be off topic but I thought you would like to know, sense it is so rare a guy who understands guns, gets to write for the MSM.

    Your daughter is she the one who wore a custom purse which held some kind of 1911 full sized. I always loved that picture.

    Good luck on Boomershoot if my disability would allow me to travel I would be up their buying scalped tickets on opening day.


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