The Smart People Should be Running Everything

That’s the assertion of all leftists (communists, socialists, Fascists, Nazis, the KKK, Progressives, or whatever it is they prefer to be called this week).  Here’s one of the super duper smart people (Chuck Schumer) discussing the horrible things (naturally) that will ensue if the socialists don’t get their way, and the Three Branches of Government that all have to get along.  Rather than imbed the video, I link to Schumer’s comment here, to show that Reasoned DiscourseTM has broken out on YouTube (at the time of the this post, comments are turned off there).

To summarize the ultrasmart senator’s comments; our creditors want us to go farther in debt, and the three branches of government are the House, Senate, and the President.  Oh; and we have to “…pay the debt ceiling…”  Well it’s good to know that the smart people are in charge of ordering us around.  I’d hate to be pushed around by a fool.

This, says I, is why we can’t allow the smart people the power to make our decisions for us.  Don’t tell anyone (it may be too uncomfortable for some of the sensitive types) but some people are so stupid that they actually believe they’re smarter than most everyone else.  What is it that’s said of those who have such problems– that they’re usually the last to know?

I suppose New Yorkers like Schumer because he brings them lots of booty.  Or they think he does.


10 thoughts on “The Smart People Should be Running Everything

  1. Over the weekend, I watched a business talk show on TV (don’t remember the name or the channel). They had on the CEO of one of the major “stuff people need” companies here in the USA.

    They asked the CEO why he doesn’t put people to work here in the USA since they are sitting on a pile of money.

    He said they could make more money putting factories in places like India and China where they are reaching new “emerging” nations and customers.

    On the other hand, the CEO fretted about how the USA would protect Americans and American companies on foreign lands (like Egypt) if problems happen.

    In my mind, we are making a HUGE mistake giving big tax breaks to corporations. They are the ones sucking up the resources of this country and then they don’t want to pay for them. They don’t want to employ Americans either. So what good are they? Good for investors on the stock market? Bah!

  2. ubu comes through! Again. Way to change the subject with a full-on endorsement of anti-capitalist bigotry.

    OK I’ll play your game; See, the reason it’s more expensive to operate here is that our corporate taxes are higher than most developed nations, our regulations and restrictions are a large percentage of operating costs, the legal liability burdens have been steadily rising for generations, and the union/government complex has driven the cost of labor up in some industries to the point of actual failure, such that government bailouts are now justified in the minds of those who fail to understand what’s happening.

    As for how eeeevil corporations are, 1; they don’t make laws for the rest of us (politicians do – even the ones bought by corporations) and 2; Who’s rights are they violating by producing overseas? Yours? Mine? Who’s? Are they busting in your door and stealing your “resources”? Are they eating your babies? What, exactly?

  3. ubu fails to even think about why a CEO thinks he can’t make money in the US. All goes right over his head.

    And ubu, “big tax breaks” ? That would be ridiculous uneconomical faux green nonsense like tax breaks for wind power, electric cars, etc.

  4. Lyle,

    I’m questioning why a company thinks they should have the security of the USA when they are operating in other countries. Is it really the job of our military to go to another country and protect these multinational companies’ business interests? (This CEO seemed to think it was.)

  5. Don’t tell anyone (it may be too uncomfortable for some of the sensitive types) but some people are so stupid that they actually believe they’re smarter than most everyone else. What is it that’s said of those who have such problems– that they’re usually the last to know?

    But I wore the juice,” said Pittsburgh bank robber McArthur Wheeler, thus serving as a demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    I suppose New Yorkers like Schumer because he brings them lots of booty. Or they think he does.

    As opposed to their former governor, who preferred getting booty for himself….

  6. ubu; it doesn’t matter what any particular CEO thinks. What matters is what we think is in our national interest. Congress, and the President, decide where, when and how to act abroad, last time I checked. Now you can accuse the whole of Congress, and the president, of being bopught out and in the pockets of some particular CEO or group of CEOs, and in that case it is a corrupt government you should be addressing.

    Once we stop harrassing business, legislatively and through regulations, maybe you’ll find that they’ll stop seeing the need to relocate. This happens between states ona regular basis as well. I live in a border town, between Washington and Idaho, and I have a store in another border town. In both cases, we’ve seen massive building and productivity on the Idaho side, and very little on the Washington side. There are several reasons for this, all pertaining to restrictions and taxation.

    Wal Mart recentoy built a super store over in Washington. They wanted to build on the Idaho side, but a group of hippies, both in and outside of City Hall, have been trying to block them for years. Wal Mart finally told them to go suck eggs and built in WA. Now I suppose people like you in Idaho will be accusing them of “exporting jobs”, which of course they did – because they were essentially forced to do so. Their smaller, Idaho store is now closed.

    See; you get what you ask for, yet you anti capitalist types will bitch either way. You’ll attack business for a hundred different reasons, push for more restrictions and taxation against them, and then cry foul when they downsize, close or relocate. It’s pure bigotry, as I said. Congratulations.

  7. What is the responsibility of the US Government to US business assets located overseas?

    The Navy has a traditional anti-Piracy role, and the Marine Corps and US Army will conduct hostage rescue missions as ordered. But that is something that every citizen should expect, and rightly so.

    However, if a host nation nationalizes your factory, mine, or oil well, then you just have to suck it up litigating in international courts. A better question is what makes exporting jobs so lucrative to corporations? On average a US corporation posts around 4% profit per year, which is hardly “obscene” by any stretch of the imagination. If they could double yearly profits to 8% by relocating then it makes a great deal of sense from their viewpoint.

    The bottom line is that “free trade” makes manufacturing flow like water to the lowest point for costs in terms of materials and manpower. On the flip side, protective tariffs hurt US consumers much more than they hurt foreign based manufacturing by allowing domestic producers to raise prices in an artificially inflated market.

    If we want to be competitive economically we have to cut the behemoth of government back. The highest corporate tax rates in the world are funding a monster of unsustainable entitlement spending which is already running out of money.

    Look, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The Soviets found this out the hard way. You can’t have both a “workers paradise” and a vibrant economy.

  8. Lyle,

    I’ve owned a business for 20+ years so I’m hardly an “anti-capitalist.” I just don’t believe it is the business of our government to protect multinational corporations who choose to locate outside the US borders.

    If they are worried that mobs are going to burn down their factories, perhaps they shouldn’t be locating their factories in certain countries, regardless of the cheap labor. They need to balance the profit/loss potential in those countries and if the chances of populist uprising is high, they need to take into account that they might lose a factory or two to fire. It’s not the government’s responsibility to protect them from their own irresponsiblity.

    On the other hand, if they really expect our military to protect them overseas, then they should be paying for that, not the general public.

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